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I'm into exploring, hence I’ve done everything from music school playing saxophone (Alto) to competitive ballroom dancing, to tennis championships and trivia tournaments. 


Role: Idea/ Concept

For more than a decade, religious extremists in Jerusalem have been defacing women’s faces from outdoor media. Their faces have been spray painted, scratched out and even burned down. 

Together with JCDecaux and Israel Women’s Network we decided to fight back by launching ‘Hidden Portraits’, a nationwide OOH campaign featuring what seems like a mosaic portrait of international actor Tsahi Halevi made out of hundreds of female portraits defaced over the past decade.

Role: Art Director

There’s a lot of plant-based brands out there. So we helped Greenforce stand out by finding an untapped angle.

Eco-anxiety. It can trigger a spiral of negative voices in our head. Eating Greenforce is the simple way you ease and silence them.


Role: Idea/ Concept

When Balenciaga released a limited edition series of destroyed-looking sneakers, we decided to create our own limited edition. The only difference is that our shoes are truly destroyed, because they’ve been worn for months
(in some cases years) by people living on the streets.

‘Truly Destroyed’ is a non profit project created by Cloudfactory for The Dutch Salvation Army together with fashion photographer Carli Hermès.

Role: Art Director

Couples often fight about wardrobe space, especially in small Dutch apartments. So on Valentine’s Day, with The Dutch Salvation Army X Reshare Store, we encouraged people to give the most precious gift to their loved ones: some wardrobe space.

We created beautiful video, capturing the essence of campaign. But we went even further, we created special gift cards that transform into closet divider and distributed to all over the Netherlands.

PR/ activation

Role: Conceptual Branding

For more than two decades, Map has  been a pain of Georgian nation an ongoing war for Georgian land that is occupied by Russia.

But maps also has a mean to guide and connect, something that TED x is passionate about. So we decided to take pain and flip it around to celebrate our resilience and pride in our country.

2024 EVENT

branding/ concepting

Role: Illustrator / Art Director
Concept: Madalena Marques & Rafter Manguiat

This new classic is uniquely protected by a Kevlar cover, the same material utilized in bulletproof vests. This choice symbolises a future where shootings have regrettably become so common that they are no longer surprising occurrences within a child's typical school day.

Through this metaphor, it raises pertinent questions about the ability of governments and schools to ensure our safety.

Role: Set Design / Conceptual Design

Then we started thinking what if we took something very iconic and sent it to the future. Something Extravagant and yet relatable, recognisable and iconic for Georgians.

And remembered Statue of The Mother of Georgians.

illustraion & Design
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